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If your freezer doesn't freeze, the condenser coils could be dirty, reducing the freezer's overall cooling capacity. Or, if the evaporator fan motor isn't working, it will need to be fixed A.S.A.P since it has the responsiblity of moving the air throughout the freezer. Call us here at Rockville Subzero Repair to help you!
If the bottom drawer fridge keeps freezing, first look at the temperature settings for your fridge. When the refrigerator temperature is set too low, cold air can settle at the bottom of the refrigerator. Ending up with the crisper drawer freezing vegetables before other items are affected.
We like to give you all the time you deserve to diagnose the problem with your appliance properly. In order to do this, we must give you a window because we don’t know how long the appointment before yours will take. We hate to give you a specific time and then not be able to honor our commitment.
Unfortunately No. There can be up to a dozen different reasons why the symptoms occur. Without being able to diagnose the appliance, using our knowledge, experience and test equipment, all we can do is guess. Many companies will quote an approximate price over the phone (usually low enough to attract your attention) and when their people arrive you find out that the repair is more than you were quoted over the phone, based on what they find, and you are still responsible for the service charge.